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Faster than cash, more secure than a credit card

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What is Silvr?

Silvr is a single-party mobile payment platform. For those of you without an engineering degree, that means only one person needs to be present for a transaction. Silvr is where simplicity meets security. Silvr is faster than cash, yet more secure than a traditional credit card transaction.

Things Silvr can do

A Better Way To Pay

While there are countless mobile payment applications on the market, none of them allow merchants to accept a credit card payment without hardware. When using Silvr, all merchants need to do is display their custom Silvr QR code. They don’t even need electricity. When consumers see the Silvr logo, they can rely on a payment option built with their convenience in mind.

Valet Parking

Every valet customer has inevitably uttered this all too familiar, all too embarrassing phrase: “I’m sorry, I don’t have any cash.” You know who you are, and worse yet -- the valet drivers know who you are. Fear no more; Silvr is here. Silvr also speeds up the valet parking process, as the drivers keep their focus on parking cars while you can pay/tip the exact amount you’d like with just two clicks on your smartphone.


Churches and charities across the country have noticed a sharp decline in the amount of cash donations received. Save yourself the embarrassment of running out of cash. You know the feeling – a joyous chorus of bells, the sweet smell of gingerbread in the air, and the horrible rush of guilt and stinginess that ensues as you walk right past that smiling volunteer who has been standing outside for six hours in the sleet and cold. Don’t be a scrooge. Download Silvr and donate a couple of bucks already!

Simple Point-of-Sale

Concession stands at a football game, door-to-door cookie sales, school fundraisers, lemonade stands, merchandise at a concert, farmers markets…you get the point. Stop waiting in long lines. Silvr was created to make your life more convenient.

Sorry, Ben Franklin

Silvr is Fast

The average Silvr transaction takes place in under 8 seconds. Yes, 8 seconds. Time it – we dare you. Because the most common transaction amounts are pre-loaded into every merchant account, chances are you’ll only need to click twice to pay.

Silvr is Secure

Security is on everyone's mind, especially following recent breaches at major retailers. That’s why we don’t cut any corners when it comes to security or your personal data. We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading processor, First Data, to tokenize your credit card information and store it in their vault.

Silvr is Simple

Life is full of choices. We know you have many to make each and every day. That’s why we’re not going to shove a bunch of menus and choices down your throat. Only the essentials. Keep it simple, my friend.

Silvr for Vendors

Silvr is currently selecting pilot merchants and organizations. We think we’re pretty smart, but know we haven’t thought of everything. We’re always looking to grow our merchant base and tap into new industries where cash is still king. Want to partner with Silvr or integrate Silvr into your current solution? Drop us a line with your idea.

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About Us

Silvr is changing the way people pay for everyday transactions. By allowing consumers to pay for goods and services traditionally only accessible by cash, we make daily life a lot more convenient, efficient, and worry-free. Consumers don’t want to download six different apps for six different transactions. That’s why we created Silvr. It’s safe, it’s simple, and best of all – it’s free.

Silvr is a product of Dialexa Labs.

Silvr is Coming Soon

We'll let you know when.